The Provedore stocks a wide range of high quality products sourced from local suppliers around the Mallee area. Products are of the highest quality and are picked with love to adorn the shelves

Suppliers include

  • Jamie's Fine Dressing
  • Farmgirl Produce
  • Murray River Salt
  • Salute Oliva
  • Discova Dukkha 
  • Moulamein Oats
  • Michels Fine Biscuit Co
  • Spice Shelf Moulamein 
  • Organics for Lily        
  • Jamie's Fine Food
  • Bramble & Hedge 
  • Charlotte Piper Fudge
  • Pana Chocolate 
and more!

Discover Dukkha with Hana

Farmgirl Produce

Jamie's Fine Dressing

Murray River Salt

Organics for Lily

Salute Oliva